We worked with the LLB team and lead architect, Laura Bartee, for several months to design the renovation of our historic farm in Northern Virginia. Our project required a team with skills unique in the industry: experience with and excitement for blending the historic section of our new home with a modern addition. Architectural design was further challenged by uneven grading, rocky soil, aged systems, and finding the right balance between our wishes and budget, what was right for the historic structure, and compliance with strict county code requirements. Laura was not only able to navigate the county agencies and contractors with competence and confidence, but also with a grace that helped minimize the impact of inevitable on-site obstacles.

Because LLB is a small design firm, the team is able to bring a creative, organized, and energetic focus to individual projects and build a singular relationship with clients. What really impressed us about Laura was her ability to communicate effectively and apply a laser focus to details both large and small: Laura has a very solid grasp of code and concept, but also works with a realistic view in merging cool architectural concept with the practicality of daily living -- the space should look great, but truly function for family life. We loved working with this firm and plan to continue our partnership with LLB as we move toward renovating other buildings on the property.

-Spring Valley Farm

 Conception to Construction at Spring Valley Farm.

 Conception to Construction at Spring Valley Farm.

Laura was recommended to me several years ago and I’ve had the pleasure to recommend her to others since. Laura is capable, experienced and responsive and in addition to her abilities to produce or even conjure plans, Laura has an excellent eye for enhancing the spaces she creates. Laura has had an emphatic impact on my new construction projects – from architecture to design – I’m very comfortable asking for Laura’s opinion on nearly everything associated with the construction and design aspect of my business and more often than not, I defer to her recommendations and experience. I’ve gotten to know Laura on a personal level over the years and appreciate that she practices what she preaches and she does both enthusiastically. 

-Tyler Ross, Ross Real Estate


Spec House in Downtown Warrenton for Ross Real Estate .

Spec House in Downtown Warrenton for Ross Real Estate.

"I have performed Structural Engineering on numerous projects for Laura for more than ten years.  She is a great Residential Architect who gives keen attention to clients desires and budgets. She is a good designer who offers practical and innovative solutions to her clients."  I recommend her highly. 

-William E. Lehmer, P.E.